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Kristina Poliuk

"It was a couple of years ago that I saw a need and could not ignore the reality of it. I remember when that burden for the oppressed was placed on me. Jesus began to show me what broke His heart. Fatherlessness, brokenness, and pain was the cry of the people in India. I know by Christ's example that love is the greatest sacrifice; it is often challenging and it is the greatest gift. 

For many of you, the call may be scary. It's difficult. It's full of changes and challenges that stretch you beyond our own abilities. But know this, He who is in you is able. When you see a need, respond."

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Ulyana Zhdan

"Since the day I believed and received Jesus as my Lord; my aim is to look like and walk in the steps of Christ. To me this means striving to glorify God in everything I do, and taking any opportunity to love and serve those around me. That is why I said yes to God and partnered with Kristina on creating this organization. For it to be a vessel that the Lord uses for His glory and His miraculous work.


I am driven by love to not only represent the Kingdom of God, but to bring His Kingdom to earth. In other words to welcome His Reign into any territory that I step into, and make Him Lord over any situation or circumstance. I am overjoyed that I get to do that through this organization, and in partnership with you!"

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